12 Key Dates For Retirees in 2022

Deadlines are not our favorite thing in the world, especially, if you like us, live in the U.S., and find them VERY annoying and stressful. But the thing is, for tax filings, health enrollments, or required distributions from retirement savings,

4 Ways The Omicron Variant Affects The U.S. Economy

Ever since the pandemic hit the world, our lives have completely and drastically changed. In the beginning, we all treated the situation superficially thinking it will pass soon enough. But here we are almost two years later still in a

4 Holiday Scams You Might Be Falling For

Ah, the holidays, the time of joy, goodwill, and scams. Besides all of the gifts, the fulfilling meals, and carols, a common ”tradition” for this time of the year is scammers trying to take advantage of the innocent through creative

6 Tips to Get Ready for Biden’s New Tax Season

Taxes can be any American’s big pain in the neck. We all feel that, and when tax season comes, we feel more and more frustrated, but there are some things you can do that won’t break the bank. Tax season