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7 Inhuman Acts That Are Legal in Some Countries

Some of us will be terrified to find that in our days many countries practice dreadful acts such as bestiality, rape, necrophilia, cannibalism, castration, stoning, incest, mutilation, slavery and public flogging. These acts continue to occur today even if our world is so evolved, some parts of it are living in the past. You’re probably […]

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7 Brutal North Korea Laws That Will Give You Chills

We already know that North Korea has very strange and strict politics. While America is the land of all possibilities, this country works by the rules of Kim Jong-un. But how far can a leader go before someone says ‘it’s enough?’ I think labor camps and murdering innocent family members might be enough. Here are […]

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Why (and How Long) You Should Keep Your Tax Records

They say the only certain things in life are death and taxes. Dark as it may seem, this quote reflects the importance of keeping up with the latest tax changes and requirements. Sure, you pay yours, but how long should you keep the records? Why Should You Keep Tax Return Copies? Usually, one would figure […]

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10 Shocking Things That Are Actually LEGAL in the U.S.

America – the land of all possibilities. Our country has a strong reputation of turning everybody’s dreams into reality; whether that’s true or not depends on who you’re asking. Either way, the U.S. offers so many possibilities, one may easily think they can do anything they want. In a way, that’s true. If you think […]

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5 Social Security Changes You Should Know About

Social Security benefits are the main source of income for a surprising number of U.S. retirees and not only. Whether that’s the case for you as well or not, you deserve to know how your benefits will be affected in the future. Today, we’re going to have a look at the most important changes taking […]

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