4 Holiday Scams You Might Be Falling For

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1. A gift card to remember

Almost all big retail stores have gift cards you can purchase to give away to someone as a present. It’s the best alternative in case you don’t know what gift to purchase for a person.

These gift cards can also be electronic, and scammers know this. The thing is, gift cards cannot be traced and so it’s the ideal scam for them. If you receive a message asking you to pay a fee using the gift card to stay away from troubles with the Government or if they pretend to be a family member seeking help, don’t trust it.

Don’t trust any suspicious unknown number or person that asks you for your card details, ANY CARD!

2. The package that you NEVER ordered is delayed

This scam is a classic one. If you receive an email or a text message saying anything about an order that you have no recollection placing, then don’t trust it. Along with the text, you will also get a link, through which you can track your order, DON’T CLICK ON IT!

It will redirect you to a page that will ask for your card details or will leave a virus on your phone. If you get any of these texts, go to the direct and official website of the alleged retailer and contact customer support, asking for details and if there’s been an order placed under your name.

Also, if you receive voicemails to call back because of some issues with your package, hang up. They can trick you into some high connection fees and expensive rates.

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