4 Holiday Scams You Might Be Falling For

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3. We have a temporary job for you…or do we?

During this busy time, retailers get very crowded and they need extra help, so, they hire temps. Scammers take advantage of this, they will post a fake form looking for people to fill in temporary jobs.

They will also ask for a small fee in exchange while promising you a very generous salary for an easy job. Take our word for it: If it sounds too good to be true then, most likely it is.

4.  Donation time

Around the holidays, people feel generous and many of them donate to charitable organizations. Scammers also feel they should have their fair share of this business and will either ask you over the phone or online for money.

The process is the following: they will either rush you into making a donation or will thank you for your donation and then ask for your payment.

You can usually tell it’s a scam because they don’t detail the charity’s purpose and who it is going to help.

If you are familiar with or heard about similar holiday scams, let us know down below in the comments.

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