9 Insane Reasons People Filed For Divorce

Photo by Daniel Jedzura from shutterstock.com

Divorce is always a nasty business, it’s heartbreaking, it’s a lot of paperwork, the assets dividing which can be a real pain in the neck sometimes and it’s always a tough decision to make.

Or is it?! Some people would divorce for just about anything these days and we have assembled a list with the craziest of them all.

Read the full story and you’ll be in tears.

1. She won the lottery and so she divorced him

After 25 years of a happy marriage a woman unexpectedly divorced her husband. After two years it was discovered that she had won $1.3 million in the California Lottery.

And so 11 days later she filled for divorce so she could keep all to herself. When the truth was finally out a judge decided she has to give all of the money to her husband.

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