10 Shocking Walmart Tips Only Employees Know

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Every American loves, and shops at Walmart. Their products are good, you can find anything that you want, and on top of that, their prices are generally low. We know how easy it is to find what you’re looking for at Walmart.

From getting your prescription filled, clothes, and hardware to food and tires for your car, Walmart has it all. And even though their prices are competitively low, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get better deals than that.

If you want to start saving money on your next trip to Walmart then you should know these tips that only employees are aware of:

1. You can easily crack the markdown system

Prices that end in ”7” show us that this is the original price of a product, before having it on sale. If it ends on ”5” it means it just had its first markdown. And, finally, if the price ends in ”1” or ”0”, then that’s the final markdown of the product.

Usually, if a product is let’s say $4.57 then you should wait a little bit more because it will be on sale soon.

2. Compare the prices

Compare the prices of your favorite products online with the in-store ones. Usually, Walmart will have the same price online as they do in the physical store. So, if that’s the case it’s more convenient to order whatever you need at home.

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