6 Reasons You Could Get a $1,400 Stimulus Check When You File Taxes

stimulus check
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1. You’ve never filed a tax return

If you have never filed taxes, submitting a tax return will give you nothing less than $1,400! You can also submit a tax return even if you are not required to do this. There are plenty of free tax filing platforms you could choose from. Unfortunately, some of the e-filing programs won’t let you report $0 of your income, and if this happens enter $1 instead.

2. You’re no longer claimed as a dependent

If the parents had claimed the kid as a dependent in 2020 not in 2021 you can benefit from a $1,400 credit, provided that you file a tax return. Usually, parents put their 18-year-old kid as a dependent. In general, families who’ve added a dependent to their family in 2021 may qualify for $1,400 on their behalf. Neat, right?

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