Here’s What President Biden Plans to Do With Your Taxes

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We all know what four years of Donald Trump looked like, and we do wonder now how the next four years will be with the new President Joe Biden. Promises have been made during the election year on both parties, but we are more interested if Biden will indeed be able to keep his promises or not.

A topic that concerns all of us is, of course, Biden’s tax plan. What will happen to our taxes? Should we expect an increase? Will Biden do everything he said during his campaign? Well, it depends on a number of factors. However, since Democrats are now controlling both the Senate and the House, Biden’s tax plan will most likely see the light of the day.

When? We don’t know since he has other important things to do, such as dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, but we can highlight what could happen with taxes in the next four years. Let’s find out Biden’s possible tax plan!

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5 thoughts on “Here’s What President Biden Plans to Do With Your Taxes”

  1. On the surface, it is difficult to see how he will pay for all this. The increased income seems to have to come from business or the very wealthy. I have seen all the glorious ideas but not an offsetting plan that shows how it will be paid for. A real concern.

  2. Restart the pipeline, why? Tax money from wages and social security is money income to offset out going spending and benefits.
    The pipe line is not a environmental hazard it has been cleared! If the United States gave Canada Her word that the line would be run I think President Biden should honor Her word.
    There would be more pollution and danger from transporting gasoline and oil by truck or rail than by the pipeline. The plus of the route of the pipeline will stimulate small businesses along the way and also training new workers for the future development of wind turbines and solar energy panels.

  3. I know the earth moves periodically underground. It’s very possible that there will be many leaks that would be drastic to the land and environment. If you continue this pipeline you will be damaging the earth’s environment. It is not worth the chance. The damages will be unrepairable. It’s a no win solution. He has a better chance in doing nothing than going forward with this fiasco.

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