These 40 Cities Are on the Brink of a Housing Crisis

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For most people, the housing crisis of 2008 is still a recent and painful memory of precisely how damaging a housing crisis can be. When housing markets aren’t working, it’s much harder for people to invest in their future and build a home for their families.

There are now some troubling signs that many American cities could be in danger of another housing crisis, according to a study.

The study took a look at the percentage of mortgages that have negative equity — meaning the home is ultimately worth less than the total cost of the mortgage, also referred to as being “underwater” on the mortgage — along with vacancy, delinquency and foreclosure rates, scoring each category to determine the cities most in danger of a housing crisis.

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6 thoughts on “These 40 Cities Are on the Brink of a Housing Crisis”

  1. unfortunate news. Trump’s “booming economy” is a f’in lie. In fact, basically everything the White House says is a self serving scam or out right falsehood. Dump Trump NOW! make America Great Again!

    1. Richard D Bowman

      Aurora’s problems reflect the democratic control of Illinois’ legislature. Illinois has a poor business climate. Caterpillar’s decided to move manufacturing out of its Aurora facility. And Illinoisians are leaving in droves because of high taxes.

    2. Richard D Bowman

      Sorry, Trump has done more for business than the preceding president. Gasoline prices are at very low prices. We can’t afford another democratic socialist president.

  2. This started way before Trump got elected into office. It was the banks that loaned to people who should not have gotten mortgages. They also approved mortgages for way more than buyers should have been granted. Peoples spending habits are way out of line and they cannot make thier mortgage payments. No ones faullt but the buyers.


    8 yrs of give it all away,sit on ur ass and watch the real back bone of this america do the work for the slug’s that obama fed and groomed that put him on his selfish podium, BRAVO!!!!

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