10 Secrets To Avoid Being Robbed By Burglars

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5. Keep Quiet About Trips

We know that everyone is excited about going on a trip, especially if it’s to another country, but what if you don’t tell everybody that you’ll be off for 1 week or more? Truth be told, a lot of ex-burglars said that making your trip public will put a direct target on your house, and nobody wants to be robbed while they’re on vacation.

Be less vocal about this and try to tell your family only if you are planning on leaving for more than a couple of days.

6. Get clever with hiding spots

This is basically rule number one, and it should stay that way! You need to hide certain things in places where nobody will guess where they are. Many people say that when hiding things like jewelry or money in the basket for dirty laundry, it’s more likely that they won’t be found.

If I was a burglar, I would definitely not want to mess with someone’s dirty laundry! Where do you usually hide your things when you go on a trip?

Do you know that the most popular items that burglars are looking to steal are typically cash, jewelry, and electronics? 

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