10 Secrets To Avoid Being Robbed By Burglars

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9. Watch your medicine cabinets

Weirdly enough, burglars who are looking to steal something valuable from your house aren’t always looking for money or electronics; they are also looking for medical prescriptions.

Most of them actually shared this precious information when they got arrested! Who knew? Scooping everything that they will find necessary in their bags is the last thing you want them to do, especially if it’s some expensive medicine or even one you need the most.

10. Watch your purses

Keep your bag close to you because it could vanish quickly if you’re not careful! Burglars use bikes around parking lots in order to move faster if they steal your purse. Don’t forget to put your purse in the car first.

What do you think about this? Are these methods good enough to protect your belongings? If you found this article interesting, we recommend that you also read: If You Own A Gun, You May Need A Gun Trust (And Here’s Why).

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