Will Uncle Sam Tax My Stimulus Payment?

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It’s not your average tax credit

As we’ve already mentioned, many Americans believe that Uncle Sam will add their stimulus payments to their income, therefore, they are expecting to see a bigger tax bill or a reduction in their tax refund when filing their it. However, that’s definitely not the case for stimulus payments.

We all know that tax deductions are a great thing as they minimize your income, which eventually will decrease the amount of tax money you owe to the IRS. For example, if you had $50,000 in terms of income and a tax deduction of $5,000, your taxable income would be reduced by $5,000.

Also, if you find yourself in the 12% tax bracket, the taxes you owe will be minimized by $600. This amount of money represents 12% of $5,000.

So, yes, tax deductions are great, but when compared to tax credits, your financial balloon gets burst pretty quickly.

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  1. My wife and I have already given $1,200.00 to our daughter who is about to lose her job. We also plan to give her any additional new monies we receive. Where does that place us tax-wise–or her?

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