10 Things Your Boss CAN’T Legally Do To You

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Here are some legal aspects which refer to what your boss isn’t allowed to do to you:

1. During the hiring process, they are not allowed to ask you prohibited questions

They can’t let factors influence the hiring process and so they are not allowed to ask you about personal things such as marital status, age, plans regarding pregnancy, religion and so on.

This also can lead to many discrimination controversies.

2. They can’t ask you to sign a broad non-compete agreement

These agreements have become really popular lately. They usually say that for an amount of time  after you left the company you can’t go to the competition and work for them.

Very few states, like California, forbid them. But signing stuff like that can make it very hard for you to get a job in the field after you quit or lost your job.

3. They can’t prohibit you from discussing your salary with your colleagues

They don’t like it, but they can’t forbid you to do it. When it comes to gender equality laws, this can potentially become a problem because if they don’t allow you to discuss salaries with others then there will be no problems.

4. If they don’t pay your overtime that’s a problem

There’s a strict law which says you can’t not pay your employee if they worked more than 40 hours in just one week. Only some states have laws that require to pay the overtime for those working more than 8 hours per day.

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