10 Things Your Boss CAN’T Legally Do To You

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5. Promising a paid position to an intern

This can be viewed as an illegal and unpaid training period which ca be punished with federal laws.

6. Discriminate

They cannot discriminate against any employees based on: religion, color, sex, nationality, age, disability.

This information cannot be used or asked during the hiring process, setting the salary or making a promotion.

7. They can’t let you go if you filed a legal or disciplinary action against them

That is like adding fuel to the fire.

8. They can’t treat you as an employee if you are independent contractor

Hiring an independent contractor as opposed to hiring an employee, will cost the firm or employer less money.

Which is why they can’t expect from you to do the same business as a worker would.

9. Scold you if you complain or talk about them on social media

You are legally allowed to talk about your work place publicly, social media included.

10. Ask them to work off clock

It is illegal for them to ask from you to work outside your shift.

Let us know down below in the comments what other useful things you may know that a superior can’t do to its employer.

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