The Dumbest Laws in All 50 States 

NEW MEXICO: For many years, “idiots” could not vote in most elections. The word was historically used to describe someone mentally disabled or with an IQ below 30.

NEW YORK: The Empire State bans “being masked or in any manner” disguised in public. The law has withstood legal challenges since 1845. It includes exceptions for parties.

NORTH CAROLINA: A bingo game being conducted or sponsored by a commercial organization may not last more than five hours. (Non-profit groups can go wild.)

NORTH DAKOTA: All members of North Dakota’s Dry Pea and Lentil Council must be citizens. The organization was created in 1997 to promote certain agricultural industries.

OHIO: Every operator of an underground coal mine must provide “adequate supply” of toilet paper with each toilet. This law clearly makes sense, but the fact that it exists at all raises some questions about basic human decency. And Ohio.

OKLAHOMA: McCarthyism is alive and well. A state statute says it is “fact that there exists an International Communist conspiracy” committed to overthrow the US government.

OREGON: Leaving a container of urine or fecal matter on the side of the road is a Class A misdemeanor. And you can’t throw it from the vehicle either.

PENNSYLVANIA: Human trafficking in general violates too many international laws to count. Pennsylvania felt the need to specify under a law that you can’t barter a baby.

RHODE ISLAND: Someone who bites off another person’s limb will face no more than 20 years in prison (but no less than one) — and only if they maimed the victim on purpose.

SOUTH CAROLINA: A male over the age of 16 can’t seduce a woman by falsely promising to marry her. But no law exists with the gender roles reversed.

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