8 Crazy Legal Loopholes You Won’t Believe Are Real

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When it comes to the U.S. Constitution, there are several laws that make us think ”Is this legit?”. Some laws are necessary, some are strange, and some really make us wonder: under what circumstance did this pass?

Besides laws , there are also some loopholes that we honestly can’t believe they are real, if you would like to get as intrigued and shocked, read below about the craziest loopholes EVER!

P.S. : You won’t believe number 3 and 5!!!!!

1. The first Church of Cannabis

In Indiana, a group of people decided to found a church in which marijuana is their ”savior”. They are trying to get exemption status for their institution in order to be able to smoke some cannabis in religious places.

In Indiana the majority of laws are based on religious practices and so this would be a convenient legal loophole for these guys.

2. Public nudity is no problem

In North Carolina the laws regarding public nudity are a bit ambiguous. For instance it’s illegal for you to be naked in public, but if you’re on your own private property there’s no issue. Your front lawn counts as private domain as well… could you imagine seeing your neighbors in their birthday suits?

In Kansas, things are getting even more interesting, you are allowed to be naked in public as long as you can prove you’re not doing anything sexual. Who knew that you don’t have to bother putting on some clothes when you go to the store.

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