10 Bloodthirsty Criminals We Will Not Forget Soon

Throughout history there were certain people that deserved the world “evil”. We are used to hear about atrocities every day when we turn on our televisions, but these 10 people are from another different story. From necrophiles to serial killers, this article will give you goosebumps.

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3 thoughts on “10 Bloodthirsty Criminals We Will Not Forget Soon”

  1. I interviewed a Japanese fisherman, in 1976, that was off Hiroshima and watched Enola Gay drop the bomb. He saw the bays open and he saw the bomb falling. He walked past the wheelhouse as the bomb flashed. He claimed that in the shadow of the wheelhouse it was like being inside a “flashbulb”. He lost family, as did many. Following the destruction of his fishing boat first by fire from the initial flash, then a second or two later, the shattering shock wave, he spent 27 hours swimming before getting to land due to tides and currents. I have no reason to believe he was an apologist for American actions.
    By his statement, he and many other Japanese knew of the ammo storage facility in the area and the massive amount of military ordinance stored there for war use. He claimed that at first many thought that a careless sailor had dropped a cigarette butt between the explosives cases and blown the entire ammo cache with the island and much of the city.
    Despite the horrendous loss of life, the debatable use of such a heinous weapon, an ammo dump may constitute a military target.

  2. If you knew anything about history and what led up to the atomic bombing you would not have put Harry S. Truman on this list. Why not Emperor Hero Hito and Tito who started the WW II with the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the Rape of Nanking with the killing and rape of at least 30,000 young girls and their mothers. Maybe that is ok with you. Or how about Stalin of Russia who killed around 15 million people, many who were soviet citizens. Oh and wait a minute, there was a guy that whipped out some 7 million people, many of them just because they were Jews, I think his name was Hitler.

  3. You stupid motherfuckers, how dare you group Harry Truenan in with perverts and serial killers! I hope you never have to experience a world war where uncertainty is around every comer and no family around the world goes untouched of loss.

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