12 Myths About Social Security Finally Debunked

Don’t believe these Social Security myths

Social Security is a godsend for older Americans, but the program also is very complicated. And that complexity has allowed myths to bloom that can send workers approaching retirement into full-blown panic mode or give them a false sense of security.

While a lot of good information is out there about how to get the most from Social Security, much of what you hear is just flat-out wrong.

Click to see 12 myths that it’s time to debunk!

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4 thoughts on “12 Myths About Social Security Finally Debunked”

  1. I am a 65 year old male that will be eligible for social security in a few months. My wife of 43+ years is drawing teacher retirement after a 35 year career. As we understand it, she will not be eligible for any of my survivor SS benefits or any of her own SS earnings. She has worked many, many hours of SS paying jobs during her college days, summers off and in the 5 or so years since her retirement from teaching. Do we understand this correctly and, if so, is there any course of action we can take to change that?
    VJ, Bishop, TX

  2. Eileen A. Smith

    When my husband recently passed, I was unaware that I could get his social security which was three times the amount than mine. After being told to go after his social security amount instead of mine, I went back to ask for his and now I’m dealing with a very slow system. I’ve been to the social security office three times this week already and still no change in my benefits to collect my husbands benefits.I have been to two different social security offices and nothing is happening. They keep promising the change will take time, but I wonder if will ever happen. What else can I do that I haven’t already done?

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