9 Celebrities Who Got Arrested For Protesting

Photo by Serge Rocco from shutterstock.com

6. George Clooney 

In 2012 he protested at the Sudanese Embassy in Washington against the inhumane conditions in Sudan and the humanitarian crisis that was happening at the time.

He was arrested, but eventually he ended up just by paying a $100 fine (which we’re sure he could afford).

7. Daryl Hanna 

Just like Martin Sheen she is known for getting arrested during protests.

In 2013, in Washington DC she was arrested for protesting the Keystone XL pipeline.

This wasn’t her first rodeo however she was also arrested in 2012 for again protesting the Keystone XL pipeline, but this time in Texas. She was also charged of alleged trespassing and resisting arrest.

8. Jane Fonda

Arguably our most famous celebrity protester (she’s been doing it since the late 60s),  in 2020 she protested on the steps of the U.S. Capitol every Friday throughout the whole month of January.

She was eventually arrested and even missed the BAFTAs Awards where she would win an award.

9. Amy Schumer 

The nomination of Brett Cavanaugh for the Supreme Court sparked outrage and many protests. One of the many women who were protesting his nomination was the comedian Amy Schumer.

She was detained by the police officers and arrested.


Seeing celebrities protesting and not remaining silent in times like these ones gives us a silver lining of hope.

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