7 People Who Broke The Law But Changed The World

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When we think about the people that changed the world and left their imprint on society, we often think of them as great people who worked loads to get to that point.

What we didn’t know or don’t often think about is that the same historic people started their change by breaking the law. When you put it in perspective it sounds odd, doesn’t it? They made the world a better place, but they broke the law to do it.

It either says a lot about them or the system. Let’s take a look at the people who changed the world we live in today:

7. Wangari Maathai

Maathai was a Kenyan activist, who is famous for founding the Green Belt Movement, which was a step forward in favor of women’s rights and environmental conservation.

She was a member of Parliament and even won the Nobel Prize in 2004. She was arrested in 1992 for participating in a pro-democracy group. She received many death threats and arrest threats.

Even though she barricaded herself in her home, the police broke in and arrested her. She was released two days later.

She was arrested two more times, once for gaining signatures regarding the protection of public forests, and then again for planting trees in Nairobi. The charges were eventually dropped.

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