Top 5 Scandals That Shook The Political Stage

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In our country we know what a political figure or a leader is capable of. Questionable morals and suspicious characters are no longer a shocking thing on the political stage.

Corruption, affairs, fraud, murder and hypocrisy are among a few of the crimes they are guilty of.

Sometimes these individuals keep it behind the close doors and manage to keep that way, however there are some times where the information comes to light and then the outrage and the scandal start.

We are taking a closer look at the most memorable events from the political stage which shook everyone.

1. Watergate (1972)

This led to a premiere in the history of U.S. It was a huge scandal in ’70s which forced president Richard Nixon to resign from his presidential duties.

This all started after a break-in at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee.

The burglars were caught and they were linked with the president.

A very detailed investigation started and with the help of the recordings from the Oval Office Nixon was caught red handed.

2. The Iran-Contra Affair (1985-1987)

A scandal which took place in the ’80s under the Reagan Administration, was initially supposed to be a secret deal between the U.S and a group of terrorists who held a few Americans hostage in Lebanon.

The United States were supposed to secretly sell weapons to the terrorists in exchange for the civilian’s lives.

And with the profits made after the sale the president was gonna fund the military support of the Nicaraguan counterrevolutionary during the Nicaraguan Revolution.

This has, with no doubt, sparked a lot of outrage and controversy as Congress didn’t approve it.

3. Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky Scandal (1998)

Perhaps one of the most famous scandals in the U.S.

The controversy surrounded president Clinton who was having an affair with the White House intern Monica Lewinski.

The former president denied it many times however after a detailed investigation and a DNA test showed that they were indeed romantically involved.

The president previously lied under oath about their relationship and so he was impeached.

4. The Chappaquiddick Incident (1969)

Ted Kennedy caused a car crash which led to the death of Mary Jo Kopechne.

The car landed in the waters of Chappaquiddick Island in Massachusetts and Kennedy allegedly tried to save the 28 year old however he failed.

What is curious though is that he waited 10 hours to report the crash. Many speculated that Kennedy himself had something to do with Kopechne’s death.

Whether he was guilty or not, it definitely killed his ambitions to run for the presidency.

5. The MANY Trump Scandals 

The former president of the United States has found himself mired in countless controversial scandals involving: rape, corruption, connection with the mafia, racism, sexism, incest and so on.

Many women came forward and accused the former leader of being inappropriate and some even of rape or sexual abuse.

Even his ex-wife accused him of that.

He didn’t hide his feelings towards immigrants and people of color. He openly said inappropriate things about China and Russia.

He built a wall between Mexico and USA and continues to insist the election was stolen from him by the current president Joe Biden.

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