7 Most Murderous Children

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We live in a world surrounded by shocking and evil things. We expect the worst from humans, horrific and truly heinous crimes, however, sometimes these come from the ones that we least expect, children.

A rocky situation at home, bad role models or the influence of the dark internet are some of the few possible causes which can make a young person commit shocking acts.

From time to time, we sadly learn that even the most innocent ones are capable of appalling acts just like these 7 children here.

Aaron Campbell

Campbell was only 16 years old when he abducted, raped and viciously killed a 6-year-old girl. Alesha MacPhail was later discovered by a local in the woods with 117 different injuries. Campbell was charged and found guilty.

Eric Smith

13-year-old Eric Smith lured and aggressively killed a 4-year-old in the woods. He strangled him, hit his head with two rocks and a tree limb.

He was jailed and was refused parole eight times. He once claimed that his family was abusive and that’s what made him commit the unspeakable crime.

However, the lack of emotion he showed while saying that convinced the officials otherwise.

Lionel Tate

Lionel Tate is the youngest American to be convicted without the possibility of parole.

When he was just 12 years old, he killed the 6-year-old girl his mom was babysitting. Her wounds were so bad it looked like she fell from a three-story building.

His verdict was a very controversial one and the prosecution even joined the plea for an appeal.

Even though he served one year of house arrest and 10 of probation, he committed other crimes and has been incarcerated ever since.

Joshua Phillips

While playing with a baseball bat, Joshua Phillips accidentally hit a little girl in the eye.

As a result, the girl started bleeding, and because he feared his father’s reaction, he strangled her and stabbed her more than 10 times. His mother found the girl’s body on his bed’s pedestal.

He was very afraid of his abusive father and was only 14 when he killed the 8-year-old.  He got life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Craig Price

Craig Price was an underage serial killer. He started killing at around 13 years old. His first victim was his neighbor, whom he stabbed 58 times. (Yes, you read that right!).

He admitted to it two years later when he was caught for killing a mother and her two small daughters. The wounds were so deep the knife was stuck in the victims. During the trial, he even reproduced the tragic cries of his victims.

Morgan Leppert

15-year-old Morgan Leppert, alongside her boyfriend, who was 22 years old brutally killed a Florida senior in his own home. Morgan says she was forced to do it by her boyfriend, who says the same about Leppert.

They stabbed the man multiple times and then suffocated him with a plastic bag over his head. Their motive was stealing the senior’s car.

Mary Bell

Mary Bell had a very traumatic childhood and family life. Her mother was a prostitute who tried to kill her daughter many times.

Since she was only 4, her mother forced her to have intercourse with a series of men.

While taking this into consideration, there’s no wonder she killed two young boys when she was only 11 years old back in 1968. She was imprisoned until 1980 and then continuously changed her name.

Tell us down below in the comments what you think about these 7 chilling cases and let us know if you know more shocking stories of the sort.

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