5 Cases Involving Just The Worst Cops EVER!

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In the U.S., corruption among authorities, higher officials and political figures is a major and common issue. And everybody knows about it.

These individuals think they are on the top of the world, can’t be touched or that they are above the law.

Corruption is spreading like a disease in all states and their actions affect people so much it can even turn deadly.

Some cases sparked so much outrage and controversy that they became very popular, let’s take a closer look at some of them.

1. David Mack And Rafael Perez

The two worked for the LAPD under the Rampart division.

However, these two watched the wrong ”Superman” movie when they decided to also work Death Row Records and become members of the Blood gang.

David Mack was even rewarded with the LAPD Medal Of Honor after he killed a drug dealer, allegedly in self-defense.

I wonder what medal do you get after you’re convicted of robbing a bank and involve yourself in the murder of the popular rapper, Notorious BIG.

Rafael Perez stole several pounds of cocaine from an evidence locker and shot and framed a gang member.

Glad to hear we’re protected and served in this country.

2. Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa

What do you call two people who by day fight against the organized crime and by night they work with it?

Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa were partners, working for the NYPD at the Organized Crime Homicide Unit and were also doing the dirty work for the mafia. The very same people they were allegedly investigating.

The two 007s were moles and hitmen doing the dirty work for the Lucchese family.

They were convicted in 2006.

3. Jon Burge

Jon Burge was a true sadistic mind. Between 1972 and 1991 he would torture hundreds of Black men.

The physical punishment would result in a false confession.

Some of his methods were burning suspects with cigarettes or radiators and to electrocute their testicles.

Burge was protected by the statute of limitations. However, he was found guilty of the wrong deeds of that year.

4. Joseph Miedzianowski

This was perhaps one of the most corrupted cops. Miedzianowski was both a policeman and a drug lord.

Using his knowledge about the streets and the current gangs, he would shake down other dealers.

He was running the Chicago Gangs Unit while he was running his drug empire at the same time.

He was convicted in 2001 with 10 counts.

5. Robert Gisevius, Kenneth Bowen, and Anthony Villavaso

The three police officers were working for the New Orleans police department at the same time the Hurricane Katrina hit.

James Brissette an innocent 17 year-old teenager and Ronald Madison, a 40-year old man, both unarmed, were looking for shelter during the hurricane.

The three shot and killed them, while wounding four other African American civilians. Gisevius, Villavaso and Bowen tried to cover it up and to falsify reports.

They were caught and pleaded guilty.


Take Away

Corruption kills. There is no doubt about that. These are just a few of the shocking cases which happen on a daily basis.

It becomes less shocking to society that the ones that are supposed to protect us from the bad are also the ones that create it and bring us closer and closer to it.

After the tragic George Floyd case, Breonna Taylor and many more cases of this sort, it looks like our nation lost its confidence, trust and respect in the police.

This leaves a big question: who ELSE can we trust then?

Share your thoughts about these outrageous incidents down below in the comments.

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