The Biggest Money Regrets of 7 Famous Billionaires

Just like the rest of us, the richest aren’t immune to making terrible mistakes when it comes to investments. Even Jeff Bezos (who, by the way recently bought the most expensive property in LA) committed monumental blunders that cost him a lot of money.

Scroll down to discover the 7 biggest billionaire regrets–you will not regret it!

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1. JK Rowling’s regrettable purchase

The author of the much-loved series of seven Harry Potter novels may no longer be a billionaire, but JK Rowling can surely afford to spend some money on the finer things in life. Just a couple of years back, the top-selling author bought her very own luxurious yacht, paying around $27 million for the privilege of having one.

The five-cabin yacht once belonged to the famous actor Johnny Depp, who named it after the Greek goddess of the sea, Amphitrite. However, just eight months after she purchased it, JK Rowling put the yacht up for sale at the vastly reduced price of $19.2 million–$7.8 million less than the initial payment.

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