11 Ways Snowbirds Could Be Taxed As Residents In Florida

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6. Pay a visit to lawyers, doctors, and CPAs in Florida

Another way of convincing the tax auditor about your residency in Florida is by seeing local doctors, accountants, and dentists in the state. You should see them regularly.

You can go as far as changing your barber or stylist for one in the Sunshine State.

7. Do your banking in the state

People usually do their banking next to their homes, and tax auditors know that as well. So, consider taking care of your banking needs in Florida as well, you can also rent a deposit box and keep your most valuable items in there.

8. Have your bills and statements sent to Florida

You can pay them online from anywhere these days!

9. Apply for a Homestead Property Tax Exemption

Besides the fact that this tax will be reduced by a LOT, it’s another way of proving the fact that you are a Florida resident.

10. You can even find a job 

You can even find a job to keep yourself busy and earn some extra money on the side. It’s both productive for your credibility and for your time. If you are retired, you don’t necessarily have to, but it could be an option to keep you busy.

11. If you own a business move it to Florida as well

If you happen to be the proud owner of any business, you should consider relocating it to Florida as well. It can be easier for you, and can also be productive and efficient for the business as well.

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