11 Ways Snowbirds Could Be Taxed As Residents In Florida

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The weather gets colder and colder, days become shorter and shorter and so it’s time for people, just like birds, to move to warmer climates. The term snowbird refers to those who seek to spend their winter under the sun.

The best place to do so is Florida and that is the most popular choice for the majority of people.

The Sunny State is also one of the states that doesn’t tax your income, so if you happen to live in a state where taxes are a big pain in the neck for your wallet you can consider establishing yourself as a resident in Florida.

There are a few ways you can do that and some steps to follow to get rid of the income tax bill and here’s how:

1. Spend your time in Florida

The first obvious rule would be to spend as much time as you can in Florida. Some states have this 183 days spent in the state rule, where you have to stay 6 months in the state to be able to qualify.

However, the days don’t have to be consecutive and even half a day is considered as a full one. So, you need to own a home in Florida and spend half a year in the state.

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