9 Costs You Should Cut Immediately

Cutting unnecessary expenses is a great way to put money back into your budget. But eliminating wasteful spending won’t benefit your bottom line if you don’t put that money you’re saving to work for you. In fact, you might be surprised by how much you could save over time by eliminating seemingly small expenses. Check out these costs!

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18 thoughts on “9 Costs You Should Cut Immediately”

    1. It has been three months since we discontinued service with DirectTV. We are saving a ton! We have solid internet and use Hulu Live & Netflix. TV bill went from $180+ to less than $50 with the internet we were already paying for separately. DO IT!

      1. marlene wetzel

        how can I get rid of my Cable Bill when I first hooked up with Direct Tv it was only suppose to be 85.00 now I pay over 100.00 and I have Hughes net for my internet and phone

        1. I have Roku streaming TVs and an unlimited cellular hotspot. The only channels I’m paying for is Netflix and Philo. Cord-cutting allows you to subscribe and drop channels depending on what you plan to watch. I sometimes pick-up Hulu or Starz.

  1. Thank you .. I will ponder and commit to doing somethings. What some other ways to save and what are smart ways to invest?

  2. Bought a home in savanna club Port St. Lucie Florida Coldwell Banker agent Pat Smith. Never told me land lease or not. Lied in contract.

  3. If you have a smart phone, you can drop the house phone. Also Netflix has 3 plans, BASIC for $8.99,
    STANDARD for $10.99 and PREMIUM ULTRA HD for$15.99.

  4. On cutting smoking what redeeming value dose smoking have ….NONE it’s just a waste of $$ and it’s bad for your lungs

  5. I love TCMovies/AMC/MeTV/History/A&E and many channels offered by cable. I also like recording on my DVR to watch shows later..not sure if this is offered with these other “cheaper services” and I dont watch current programming much…I am an old movie and re-run buff now for the most part. Cable is about my only vice. As for eating out, that is not a large part of my budget as a senior; however groceries can be just as expensive when you factor in time preparing, cooking, cleaning up, shopping/driving to the store, etc and our groceries are very costly in our city.

  6. William J Clark

    Download the mobdro app you get a lot of premium pay channels and shows never missed game of thrones free of charge and a lot of Free apps have newest movies free no reason to get cable just internet

  7. I just cut our local over priced cable company. We have Verizon internet and went tops on this, large home, 6 tvs lots of kids and electronics. We subscribe to youtube.tv, Hulu and the kids share Netflix with my Mother. Saving over $50 a month and so so much happier. Way more options, apps are fun and easier to use now. Definitely make the cut.

  8. You have to spend money on something! BUT Guess what? You can’t take it with ya when you die so enjoy LIFE a little while you can or just curl up in a corner and kick it now! BYE

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