5 IRS Secrets You’re Not Supposed to Know About

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  • They do not want to seize your assets – Let’s say, for the sake of the argument, that you are a delinquent when it comes to your taxes. In this hypothetical situation, the IRS collection agents might even threaten to seize your assets so they can successfully scare you into resolving your tax issue. You shouldn’t get scared by this, because in the majority of cases, it is way too expensive and takes way too much time for the IRS to seize your assets. Not only do they have to identify and seize those said assets, but they also have to sell them. This is usually done via public auction, which basically means that the cash they HOPEFULLY get would be less than the value of the seized assets anyway! Even if it’s never a good idea to be ignorant when it comes to your taxes, remember that the IRS doesn’t REALLY want to get to that point where they seize your assets. The only exception to this is related to your bank account. It’s an easy process and they don’t have to really bother with an auction. They could also try to garnish your wages.
  • They would definitely avoid going to court – If you would ever find yourself in trouble with the IRS, up to the point where a trial in court might be a topic of discussion, you should relax knowing that they would never actually want to go to trial. Trials are very expensive, and they can take a longer time to reach a resolution. So if you have a good tax lawyer, the IRS (also known as the United States government) might risk losing more money than the issue is actually worth. Before going to court, the IRS would exhaust every possible avenue before actually getting before a judge.  Keep this in mind if you find yourself in a situation where you’re going up against a tax agent that constantly threatens to haul you into court. Plus, if you are able to come up with a good resolution outside a courtroom, the chances for them to settle are great.

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