5 IRS Secrets You’re Not Supposed to Know About

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Have you ever noticed that April Fools’ Day, which is on April 1st, and tax day, which is on April 15th, are happening to be in the same month? Whether it’s just a coincidence or a cosmic joke, we will never guess.

However, we could definitely assume that one might have something to do with the other. How come? Well if you think about it, an April Fools’ prank is definitely funny only to the one who makes the prank, while the other one on the receiving end pretends to laugh, in order to give the impression that he/she’s a really good sport about it.

But in reality, they are either very humiliated, or planning their retaliation. Well, on tax day, the Internal Revenue Service is the prankster, as it makes you accountable for every penny that you earned or spent during the year.

So, in the same manner, we decided to show what the prankster, meaning the IRS, doesn’t want you to know:

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