5 IRS Secrets You’re Not Supposed to Know About

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  • Their agents make mistakes sometimes – Either you believe it or not, the IRS doesn’t REALLY know everything. Even more, tax lawyers estimate that they will give the wrong answer to taxpayers’ questions about 30% of the time. However, no one’s perfect. You might expect these mistakes to happen from time to time, even from a couple of “experts”, but 30% is a pretty significant number. Naturally, tax lawyers will likely tell you that in the event that the IRS gives you the wrong advice, you can’t really count on it if you want to dodge an accuracy-related penalty. One exception to this could be if you’re able to get the incorrect advice in writing. Even so, IRS agents are usually instructed to avoid giving written advice. It’s also recommended that you refrain from asking the IRS any question beyond the scope of what could be seen as rudimentary information. A wrong answer could make your life extremely miserable.
  • It really pays to be pushy – There are moments in our lives when we have to play the jerk card. While for some of us it might come naturally, others don’t even have to pretend. But when you’re dealing with a bureaucratic megalomaniacal organization such as IRS, there’s something you should immediately try in order to get their attention! Have you ever heard the expression: “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”? Because it completely fits in here. You don’t have to be a jerk, but it would benefit you to be a bit persistent and well-informed when it comes to tax matters that you are trying to sort out. For example, if you choose to present your case in a cogent, extremely rational manner, you are less likely to be given the never-ending run-around.
  • Some entry-level agents don’t even have financial training – You will be surprised to know that IRS auditors and collection agents at the entry level don’t have the necessary background in tax laws, IRS procedures, and practices, not even finance knowledge.

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