7 Tips for Getting the Biggest Refund Check Possible

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3. Check out your filing status

Your filing status have the last word when it comes to the amount of money you get in your refund. Why? Because every single filing status means a different standard deduction. So, based on your family and financial situations, you’ll most likely want to opt for a a filing status that decreases your tax burden and increases your chance of a refund.

For example, filing a joint return actually qualifies you for that $24,400 standard deduction and can also offer some tax breaks unavailable to those filing separately. On the other hand, if you’re married but file separately, the deduction is $12,200 each.

However, in certain circumstances, a married couple may actually choose to file separately. Andy Lafond, a CPA and accounting professor at Lasalle University, says one reason to file separately is if one spouse earns considerably less and also has a lot of unreimbursed medical expenses.

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