8 People Reveal How They Doubled Their Income

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He Switched Career Paths From a Routine Worker to a Job That Required More Specialized Skills

Drew DuBoff was working at his campus dining hall part-time while going to college full time and was making about $200 a week.

“My former job was holding back my earning potential because I was doing a job that never would have provided a large salary, no matter how long I worked there or how many hours I worked during a week,” he said. “I was receiving $10.85 an hour — that’s after four years of working there. I was at the top of the pay scale, but it still wasn’t enough.”

DuBoff now works as a freelance writer, business owner and part-time virtual assistant.

“By changing paths, I was enabled to work for people who genuinely valued what I contributed,” he said. “Instead of being hired as a routine worker that performed a task anyone could be trained to do, I transitioned into being a knowledge worker that performed a task with specialized knowledge and a strategic disposition. You should add something unique so that others can’t do exactly what you offer. That’s what keeps you employed and companies paying you more than you would have ever dreamed.”

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