8 Purchases You Should NEVER Make With Your Credit Card

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1. Household bills

As more and more American adults struggle to pay their household bills, they have no choice but to use their saving accounts. Cellphone, utility, as well as cable bills, shouldn’t be paid with a credit card.

How so? Because if you’re not used to paying off (or you just can’t) your full balance every single month, you will face an interest that will make your household bills even more expensive.

2. Cars

Most car dealers don’t agree with credit card purchases and that’s mainly because they will have to pay fees in order to process transactions. However, if you don’t have the possibility to pay for the car outright, you should definitely visit a credit union or your current bank to get approved for a car loan.

Thankfully, to get the best interest rate possible, you can compare the vast majority of auto loan rates online.

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