8 Purchases You Should NEVER Make With Your Credit Card

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In an attempt to keep their money safe, most Americans are tempted to reach out to their plastics instead of paying with cash. While there are many disadvantages when paying with cash, such as security, credit cards are no good either. At least not when referring to certain purchases.

Your credit card is not the best form of payment, especially when you’re struggling with debt. Fortunately, if you’re facing a ton of debt, you can still keep your finances safe and avoid adding more debt by steering clear of the following credit card purchases.

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1 thought on “8 Purchases You Should NEVER Make With Your Credit Card”

  1. These suggestions are good if a consumer has a habit of keeping balance. I pay for the balance every month so I cannot give up use of credit card because it is automatically 2% back as travel money. I charge HOA fees; $14.95 fee is less than 2%, rebate if I pay at least quarterly. Some utilities will encourage credit cards, then I pay from my checking accounts.
    A also try to keep 6 months’ living expenses in my cash account, too. Amazon’c 5% back is also beneficial, so is Costco’s citi cards. I have to make sure the balance is within my means It is all about managing the money.

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