9 Signs Someone Is Using Your Credit Card

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3.There’s a new account you didn’t open under your name

This sounds terrifying, right? Because it is! Once a hacker obtains enough data, including your name and address, they are able to open new accounts and credit cards.

When you check your credit report, just keep an eye on the accounts you didn’t open. Because this is extremely important and it is definitely another red flag. If you’ve started getting bank statements or bills addressed to you for accounts you don’t recognize, give the bank a call in order to inform them about this.

4. You notice small charges on your account

This may sound unusual, but when a thief gets access to a stolen card, they will make small changes that won’t trigger any red flags. That can include a few dollars charged at a store. If the card is working, the thief will move to bigger charges as fast as possible. The most effective way to catch fraud in real time is to sign up for alerts and notifications of all your charges via email or text message.

If you don’t check your bank account regularly and if you don’t pay attention to small details, you might end up paying for another person’s expenses. Be careful!

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