9 Signs Someone Is Using Your Credit Card

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8. You have unfamiliar company names on your statement

In most cases, when you make a payment on your credit card, the name of the business parent company will actually appear on your credit card statement. Usually, companies will flag what you can expect to see on your account. If something looks unusual, notify your credit card company as soon as possible!

In the first instance, you can google the names to make sure it isn’t something you did actually charge before calling to report a possible fraud.

9. A lower available credit balance

The biggest red flag should be the appearance of a diminished credit line from unusual pending charges. For example, if your credit line is $6,000 and suddenly lowered to $3,000, you may want to find out what happened. Try to investigate even further and check with your bank what really happened.

As we mentioned before, a lot of card issuers provide valuable info to their customers through mobile apps.

Be careful with these things. If you notice something unusual, freeze your credit card, check your account online, place a fraud alert or get a replacement card. Your thief is smarter than you!

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