IRS’ Warning Against These 5 Tax Scams

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It’s a new wonderful year! 2022 is all about new beginnings, achieving great things, and new tax scams! Yes, you read the last part correctly. Scammers don’t necessarily believe in the saying ”New year, new me”, but rather in ”New year new scams”.

Now leaving all jokes aside, since tax season is closer than ever, scammers will now start acting in inventive ways and YOU can become a target really easily. Here are some of the methods they can trick you with, according to the IRS:

1. Phishing

You may have heard that there are some people who have gotten tricked into revealing their personal and financial information by some email or text messages they received. Pay attention to those emails or messages that mention tax-related issues.

They will also give you a link for more information. DO NOT ACCESS IT. They will steal your personal information and file fraudulent tax returns in your name. Later on, they will pretend to be some IRS agent or collection agency and get the funds that have been deposited into a bank account.

What can you do?

Don’t reveal any personal information to anyone who you don’t know or trust that has randomly reached out to you. Keep in mind that the IRS will never get in touch through an email about a bill or refund.

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