7 Ways to Make Some Extra Money on the Side

Are you short on cash? There are a lot of things you can do right now to make a few extra dollars. For instance, you can earn money while playing games (and no, not with your spouse). We’ve compiled a list of ways to increase your income without working too much.

Read on to discover all of them!

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1. Don’t waste your waste

As crazy as it sounds, don’t flush the toilet! Your one-week-waste is worth hundreds of dollars. How so? Well… certain non-profit organizations such as OpenBiome will give you $40 per each stool. Now, if you’re wondering why these organizations want your poop, the answer is quite simple: patients who are infected with Clostridioides difficile (a bacterium that actually causes diarrhea and colitis) need healthy waste in their gut to remain alive.

We know…it seems really gross, but you can actually save someone’s life by selling your poop. (However, I wouldn’t brag about that at a family reunion.) There’s a catch though: you have to live in Boston. Plus, if you’re constipated all the time, you can’t participate—OpenBiome needs your poop at least three times a week for almost three months.

*Excuse me for one sec, I have to make some money….

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