8 Tax Tips You Should Definitely Take Advantage of This Year

If you make the right tax moves, you can save a lot of money! None of us want to give a big chunk of money to the government, so that’s why you should take advantage of the following tax tips that will definitely keep your tax bill as low as possible.

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1. Opt for the right filing status to increase your savings

As you probably know, you’ll have to opt for a filing status when you submit your tax returns. So, depending on your family status, you may be eligible to file as single, head-of-household, qualifying widow or widower, married filing jointly, or married filing separately.

Take note that your filing status affects your tax rates and any deductions you claim. For example, if you file as head-of-household, married, or qualifying widower, it actually means you won’t move to a higher bracket until you earn more income.

That’s why is important to check out all the statuses in order to choose the one that provides you the most savings.

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1 thought on “8 Tax Tips You Should Definitely Take Advantage of This Year”

  1. Carole Lolagne

    how much tax should I take from my check if I am an independent consultant and make 2080 per week when I work?

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