13 Unbelievable Ways To Make Money That Are Surprisingly Legal

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Making an additional sum of money besides your monthly income is always a good idea. However, we live in times of economical crisis due to the pandemic and so getting a second job can get difficult.

But there are ways through which you can easily make money without too much effort or getting in trouble. We have several tips which will prove to be more than useful for you.

In case you don’t have the time for an additional job or you need to make some cash fast these 13 things will help you out:

1. Cryptocurrency

Trading on the stock market has turned out to be extremely beneficial and profitable.

For instance a single bitcoin is worth more than $8,000 at the moment. However, that can change really quickly since the trade market is so dynamic.

2. Getting Into Gambling

Gambling is way easier than trading stocks and you can make money faster but you should know when to stop.

3. Selling Your Hair

If you felt like cutting your hair anyway you can always sell it to salons and wig shops, nowadays it has become very common to wear wigs or extensions.

4. Selling Your Plasma

If you decide to help those in need you can donate your blood and in exchange you will be rewarded with $20-$50, however you need to be older than 18 and weight more than 110 lbs.

5. Sell Items You No Longer Use

You can start selling things you no longer use on eBay or Craigslist.

6. Run Facebook Ads For Local Businesses

You can end up with an additional $1,000-$2,000/monthly.

7. Tutoring 

If you are good at some subjects you should consider tutoring other people that need some help in the field (or fields) you’re skilled in.

8. Completing Online Surveys

Some companies are paying people to complete surveys in order to help them in their research.

9. Reviewing  

Some companies pay you to give reviews of certain apps, websites or products.

10. Start Doing Delivery 

Doing delivery for restaurants can get you an appealing sum.

11. Selling Second Hand Books

You can try and sell your old books which you no longer feel like keeping to antique books shop.

12. Sell Pictures

If you are a pretty good photographer or you graphic design as a hobby you can start selling your art to companies or websites.

13. Rent Your Property

You should consider registering your house or one of your rooms on Airbnb, you will make an impressive amount in just one week.

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