4 Signs an IRS Scammer Is Targeting YOU!

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1. Poor grammar, hostile tone or awkward sentence structure

At some past point in your life, you’ve most likely talked to an IRS agent, so you already know that they are all well educated and their English is fluent and easy to understand. So if you are next on a conman’s list of targets, and you suddenly receive a phone call from someone who pretends to be an IRS official, first of all, pay attention to the way they speak. If their English sounds forced and more like a beginner’s, then it’s clear that they are not American.
Since most scams originate in foreign countries, unusual wording, typos, and poor grammar clearly indicate that something is wrong, and the phone call or email is clearly not from an IRS official.
Another thing that you definitely have to pay attention to is the tone of their voice, because an IRS agent will never raise his voice at you, and they will never appear to speak as if they are threatening or blackmailing you in any way. Aggressive email messages or someone yelling on the phone are usually warning signs of a scam!

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