9 Types of Insurance That Are a Waste of Money

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At its best, insurance helps protect against events that could send your finances into a death spiral. Crucial products include insurance against serious car crashes, the loss of or damage to a home, and the loss of income due to death or disability.

Check out 9 types of insurance that might be a waste of money!

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11 thoughts on “9 Types of Insurance That Are a Waste of Money”

  1. Irvin Bormann

    Undoubtedly, the biggest ripoff is an extended auto warranty. I spent $1700 on a policy that the auto dealer made a copy of the warranty sales brochure so I would know who to contact if I had a claim. I subsequently determined that the only problem the warranty covered was a blown engine or transmission-2 items that rarely happen on a car with less than 100,000 miles on it. I had an engine warning light that was determined to be caused by a faulty ignition plug. After 3 trips back to the Cadillac dealer that sold me the car, and the policy, the service advisor was kind enough to tell me what my policy covered. I asked the insurer to cancel the policy and refund my pro-rated fees and was to that they’d send me the paperwork- something they never did. I subsequently discovered that cancelling the policy required a letter from me- a phone call wasn’t sufficient. I still get scam calls from auto warranty companies who can’t believe that I can live without that benefit!

    1. I also bought extended warranty for my cadlac SRX…. I took it to the shop turned out the part was not cover…I learn my lesson i ask for my money back .. I don’t have no money to throw away.

  2. I agreed with you 100%. However, I did made a mistake buying extended warranty on my new CRV by listening to my boyfriend’s suggestions. Boo hoo – to late!!!

  3. Michael G Patton

    I disagree with not getting rental car insurance. Most of the time coverage under your credit card or insurance policy is sketchy at best. When I get a rental car I almost always pay for their insurance; if I get a scrape or worse accident, I don’t want a bill for thousands; I would rather pay an extra $20-$25 a day for peace of mind.

  4. I never bought an extended warranty on any vehicle I have owned until I bought my 2014 Mercedes Sprinter. I guarantee it was a losing deal for Mercedes as my Sprinter has been serviced on warranty issues 10+ times!!! And with big $ parts!!!

  5. Is this also true about the extended warranties, we get all those calls about adding to our current vehicles?
    Thx Sarah

  6. Disagree on insurance for children, I have whole life policies on my grandchildren. Not only does it give them very cheap premiums, starting early, but the cash values are greater than the sum of all premiums paid. It is true they are a waste if they are term insurance with no cash value

  7. As far as having insurance on a child I believe in having it. The Term Insurance Policy I had for myself included a $12,500. Policy for free until she was 25 then she would have to take it over. The very saddest thing happened when my daughter was 20. We found an unnamed cancer no doctors had ever seen before. She had a terrible battle with for 4&1/2 yrs. she had Sarcomas that just grew overnight. She had every type of chemo drugs 3 together at a time for a week and radiation on a brain tumor she battled it everyday until she couldn’t take anymore. So at age 24 my daughter passed away. Her funeral came to over $12,000. We had the insurance to cover her Funeral. The point Is through DNA testing we found it came from her dad it was something with they’re Chromosones and it didn’t skip generations my son wouldn’t get tested he was 15yrs older than her and accepted that if he got it. That was his destiny. But we did test 2of his daughters and both had the genes so we have to watch them closely. What they did find through the DNA testing my daughter was born with it and it was in every cell it just didn’t present until she was 20. So you never know when something will happen. As I said she was rider on my policy for free.

  8. George Young Jr

    I got a email from a company saying that I was approved for a loan when I call to find out what happened they said that I could not get the loan is there any thing I can do about that

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