Do You Really Need to Get a Travel Insurance?

Types of travel insurance coverage:

  • Medical – What if you come back from vacation with some stomach illnesses and the treatment and consultations are expensive? Well, medical travel insurance can help provide coverage to limit out-of-pocket costs.
  • Evacuation – If you unfortunately participate to a natural disaster or political unrest when you are in your road trip and you will go to a safe place in a strange land is a terrible experience. Not only is it a horrible adventure, but it could also be expensive. This travel insurance can cover the cost of getting away from trouble.
  • Cancellation – This insurance helps if you paid for a travel or a tour and miss the event from different reasons.
  • Baggage – When you lose your stuff or someone stole your luggage it is clear that your vacation will be ruined. But your damage will be covered for that new bathing suit you’re forced to buy upon arrival.
  • Death and dismemberment – Similar to typical life insurance, this option provides your heirs with a payout should you die during your trip.

So, it is good to have a travel insurance not only if you are a worrier, but you should buy it anyway because there are many benefits. Death coverage should not be primordial, because plane crashes are rare, but if you are a young parent and you are really worried about your mortality, a good term life insurance policy is probably the right way to go.

Also, find out the details of your insurance and explore the coverage you may have as part of your credit card. If you have a baggage with some bikini and shoes you shouldn’t choose a baggage insurance because it isn’t worth it. Be clear with your risks when you go on a vacation.

Discover what are your main losses if anything happens and depending on this choose your type of insurance.  One scenario is to buy a travel insurance from your travel agent, but it is possible to take some commissions from you and you may be limited with the options.

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