4 Ways The Omicron Variant Affects The U.S. Economy

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1. There could be shutdowns AGAIN

Since the pandemic first began, there were several lockdowns enforced all over the world, the U.S. included. They affected A LOT of small and medium-sized businesses. President Biden hasn’t shown any intentions regarding a lockdown so far, but if it is necessary to protect the population, a lot of communities will suffer and so will the economy.

2. The unemployment percentage could go very high

The economy was badly affected by the pandemic and because of it, many businesses had to let people go because there was no money. In some countries it was a complete crisis, people ended up in an extreme situation such as being homeless or going hungry.

3. Disruption of the supply chains

Right now the demand for products is higher than the products existent on the market which is also why the prices are this high.

When the virus hit and it was declared a pandemic many factories and other shops were closed, and it caused a lot of havoc. If that happens again it could potentially disrupt the supply chain.

If that happens then the prices will go up and beyond, which I don’t think many would be fond of considering the previous fact.

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