THIS Is the Most Shocking Law in Every U.S. State

Last time, we talked about the most insane things that are actually legal in America.. but what about the things we can’t do?

Could selling a pickle get you in jail? Is pronouncing ‘Arkansas’ the wrong way a felony? You bet! Let’s have a look at the craziest laws in every U.S. state.

Did you know the law from your state? Let us know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “THIS Is the Most Shocking Law in Every U.S. State”

  1. And just last week, I observed confetti and spray string being used in a Chucky Cheese’s resturant during a child’s birthday party, in Huntsville, AL. What a mess. The employees had to clean it up of course! Shamefull!

  2. Obviously the editor of this column is unaware that in past years use of X-Ray to check how well shoes for was common. Even worse, while one child was being measured other children played with the machine! I remember it well.

  3. Jean-Pierre Ronet

    Direct TV & AT&T, have billed me over $600.00 and refuses to believe the court order if eviction, MI State Police and the Washtenaw County Sheriff. Final electric bill. There bills showing Suspended account due to moving but still 80’s it it’s valid. This is fraud and extortion to which I sought help by the Detroit FBI Office but nothing comes from them at all.I want them in jail and a civil complaint for damages. Can you help? Willing to help? Getting paid upon finished?

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