10 Laws Trump Changed So Far (And How They Affect You)

We all need to face it: Donald Trump’s presidency is one of the most controversial in the U.S. history. From his spicy declarations to daring proposals, the entire world predicted many changes. This post presents you a running list of what the Republican-dominated federal government has been up to since the elections. Find out next how President Donald Trump changed the laws and in what way these actions will affect your life.

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7 thoughts on “10 Laws Trump Changed So Far (And How They Affect You)”

  1. Robert cologero

    I think President Trump is GREAT!!!! He is what I wish we had for the last 40 years. He is a tough person from New York. Everyone is attacking him because he tells it like it is, great for him bad for professional political hacks. He will improve our country and regain respect for all the citizens of the USA!!

  2. When is ENOUGH, ENOUGH !!!! I thought I’d never see the day that I lost ALL respect for our President …..

  3. I think President Trump is doing a wonderful job. I do not like the media who tell lies and try to turn everyone against him. I think the republicans should stand up for him and his agenda. I personally change the channel when some one starts criticizing him. Obama went to other countries and criticized our country, but no one thought that was wrong. Our President wants to make America great again. I personally think he is doing a wonderful job making our country a Christian Nation again and we should all give him the credit he deserves. I think he is very intelligent, even brilliant. The democrats have no agenda and they only want to criticize the president, and they do not even realize what harm they are doing to our Great Nation. I Pray for him everyday, and I am sure the Lord watches over him and his team. God Bless you President Trump and your family.

  4. Gayle A Provencal

    God forbid you should get Diabetes. But then you don’t have to worry about paying for your Meds, do you ?

  5. John J Kilpatrick

    I was drafted after HS in 1971, went in a Normal person, then because of my Head Injury that I experienced from a 30’ fall out of a tree, my head bouncing off of branches on the way down, landing on my back, from trying to put up an Antennae in the tree, then because I wasn’t mentally right after that, I was beat over the Head by MP’s for no apparent reason. I was put in Mental Ward where I was forced to take 500 MG of Thorazin 3 times a day for over 6 months! If I refused to take the Meds, they put me in a Straight Jacket and forced me to take them! I was not fit to return to normal life, yet I was released as so much unimportant garbage, the Army not caring what happened to me, after using me, then Discarding me, making no follow-up calls or letters to me or the VA to make sure I received the much needed Treatment and Medications! When I was finally released and Discharged I was a total mess and a shell of my former self! I have never been what is considered close to “Normal” since I got out! The extreme amounts of Thorazine and the fall, plus beatings to my head, made my brain and my emotions worse! Then the VA was supposed to contact me in 1973, which they never did, I had already been diagnoised as “Schizophrenia” in 1972 and again in 1973 while still in the Army. I called the VA and told them I was supposed to report, no one would speak to me about this, they would only take messages, which NO ONE ever returned. I struggled through my life, trying to take care of a wife and two children, never being capable of holding a job, having a hard time finding a job, because of my work record, One minute I was like a Zombie, the next like a Psycho! I had over 47 jobs in 38 years. I couldn’t function at all by 2010, still had to fight with the VA contacting Senators and Congressmen, I had to contact the Army Medical Files Warehouse myself to get my records Found then sent to me, so I could provide them to the VA, even though I still had an Open Case on file since 1973. I want to sue the Army for Malpractice/Abuse and sue the VA for 38 years of neglect of needed Treatment and Medication. I expect to receive some kind of Justice and backpay compensation for this, I will go to as many Newspapers, Magazines, Reporters, Lawyers, Government Agencies, Senators, Congressmen etc., to get someone to recognise the Injustice and tremendous suffering that I and my whole family experienced, all through my life, because of the ARMY and the VA!!

    John J. Kilpatrick

    1700 Liberty Street

    Alton, IL 62002

    (618) 433-8448

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