7 Stupid Things the Government Wasted Your Tax Money on

We all know that the government uses our tax money for various purposes. Most of the times, they are for the greater good. However, a tremendous amount of money (at least to us) goes into the most ridiculous things you can imagine!

If you don’t believe us, just check out our next post. I would have NEVER thought that I pay my taxes for the second one!

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3 thoughts on “7 Stupid Things the Government Wasted Your Tax Money on”

  1. This is insane? That money could be used to help our starving, homeless Americans. What a waste of money, & Americans are struggling to put their kids through college. They could use this $$$ to help kids get educated!

  2. The fact that our government wastes our money very dramatically is very well known and it’s an OLD story. The question Americans have is …. why does this outrage continue? It is sickening! Not that we waste money but that we know it and we continue the waste year after year.

  3. Jonathan Allen .

    Yes, the government did spend money on things that turned out not to be good investments. So let’s add up the whole lot of them, multiply it by perhaps a thousand, and you don’t even begin to pay for one F-35 airplane that the armed forces don’t even want.

    As for the solar panels, adding an anti-reflection coating to the cover glass would not only eliminate most of the offending reflection but would improve the efficiency by about 5%.

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