6 Lawsuits Donald Trump Will Most Likely Face Once He Leaves the White House

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Donald Trump has been surrounded by a fair share of controversy, both before and after the 2020 election. In just a handful of days, we’ll say goodbye to our 45th President and welcome our 46th, Joe Biden.

But before we do that, we thought it would be a good idea to go over some of the more serious controversies regarding Trump, namely the ongoing cases involving him.

Today, let’s look over 6 pending lawsuits Donald Trump will have to face the moment he leaves office.

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29 thoughts on “6 Lawsuits Donald Trump Will Most Likely Face Once He Leaves the White House”

  1. Anyone can sue for anything, that does not mean they will win. If the democrats are found guilty of cheating and lose, they most likely will be facing a situation that a lawsuit would be the least of their worries.

  2. What about the Clintons, their Foundation and the questionable deaths that ‘occurred’
    in close proximity to them?
    What about Hillary Clinton’s ‘pay for pay’, erasing laptops, sending classified info on
    unauthorized laptops?
    What about Barack Obama’s questionable presidential ‘fixes’ that bypassed Congress,
    the billions of American dollars he handed over to Iran, who used it to pay terrorists,
    and using the NASA funds, so Americans could ‘learn’ about Muslims. (Also, there
    were field trips to Muslim mosque and the girls had to wear the head scarves
    for their heads. (I’m sure there would have been an outcry had the same type of field
    trip been made to a Catholic church, Christian house of worship or a Synagogue, and
    the males wear a yarmulke.)
    President Trump should not be held accountable for anything, until the Clintons and
    Obama are taken to task. What about Benghazi, Hillary? Barack, I thought we could
    keep our own doctors, etc. This needs to be investigated and answered before
    President Trump gets called on the carpet!

    1. Lets get real here.Donald Trump is a crook,a con man and a cheat.He filed for bankrupt 5 times,He is accused of 2 out and out rapes.24 women have accused him of groping them.He is also a coward.5 deferments during the Viet Nam war.And before you say anything I enlisted in the Marine Corps on October 19th 1966.Was in Viet Nam from April 10th,1968 until May 12th,1969.The Donald faked bone spurs in his foot,but in 2016 he could not remember which foot.He has cheated for years on his Taxes,why else won’t he release them? He has failed the 250.000 plus citizen for their death’s and the grieving family’s.He has played more Gulf than any other presidents ever,even as Covid-19 keeps killing our citizens.He is a professional Liar.Need I say more?Wait and see when he tries to pardon himself along with his crooked kids.I would ask all of Trump supporters if they were raised to lie, cheat, and assult women? I bet the answer is NO.

    2. trump is a criminal, period. The Clintons have been investigated.and Mr. Obama’s so called charges were never presented in court. I am going to say probably be cause they have no merit.

    3. First of all, former President Barack Obama didn’t give “150 billion in cash” to Iran. It was their money to start with.

      The nuclear agreement included China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union, so Obama didn’t carry out any part of it on his own. The deal did lift some sanctions, which lifted a freeze on Iran’s assets that were held largely in foreign, not U.S., banks. And, to be clear, the money that was unfrozen belonged to Iran. It had only been made inaccessible by sanctions aimed at crippling the country’s nuclear program.

      Secondly, $150 billion is a high-end estimate of the total that was freed up after some sanctions were lifted. U.S. Treasury Department estimates put the number at about $50 billion in “usable liquid assets,” according to 2015 testimony from Adam Szubin, acting under secretary of treasury for terrorism and financial intelligence.

      The part that the meme gets right, though, is that the deal didn’t get congressional approval. The Obama administration had maintained that the agreement wasn’t a treaty, which would have required approval by the Senate. Republicans did try to block the deal, but they weren’t able to get enough support to pass the legislation in the Senate.

    4. John B Schoenfeld

      Why? Any person doing wrong should be held accountable. I agree with you on every level, but I am not sure why Donald Trump should be left alone until others are held accountable? What does one have to do with the other? Does Trumps innocence’s hinge on their prosecution? Please explain.

    5. So your contention is that prior “unindicted”
      People need to get indicted first and then
      Mr Trump should be brought to justice and
      Of course be called in as a known depredator.?
      How about the death of Jeffry Epstein? Would you want that to be included and have those responsible indicted? Love your logic. God save America.
      How about bringing those responsible for the
      Mob attacks on the Capitol and punishing those who urged the mob to march on that Capitol Jan 6 2021? Justice should prevail and the death
      Of that police officer should be avenged.

  3. It seemed that when Bill Clinton
    was in office, legal cases were brought
    against him. What has changed in
    the years since then?


    1. I Am Really sorry MR ELS POL , not sure about your history within our Country (USA) , however, you appear to be Overlooking lots of “REAL” Facts. lets not go into the 32 Elections I personally have voted in for “Proper” leaders” of our Country. There a real shame that you speak so strongly about “OUR” current President ” but have a real Mental issue on “REALLETY” .. history of US Presidents all of them up to 34 of them have been Guilty of 99% of what you Claim President Trump has been accused of being “GUILTY” of doing , well Mr E P in our Country, you are innocent until a Jury of your Peires finds you Guilty of any “Simple ” crime or infraction.. Please don’t open your Pie Hole unless you study up on “OUR” History. OH one more note. try to be a bit RESPECTFUL within your opinions , unless you have the”Smoking Gun ” proving any “Such ” wrong doing !!! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FUTURE , HERE IN in our Country (USA) of Freedoms. if your find out you cant/ will not be able to “Cope” with the TRUTH, then you can catch the RED EYE, to the Country of your Choice, Ill pay for the “ONE WAY” Ticket and see you off the day your flight …

      1. If you think he is not guilty then he has brainwashed you too. He is and never was fit to run our country. Hopefully we can bring back the America I grew up in but when I read things people like you post it makes me wonder.

    2. I agree. Don’t forget the little taxes he got away with paying while we pay more than he does. Where does cheating on taxes come in?

  5. All but one is politically motivated…and that is Mary Trump! Her father left enough money to take care of her mentally challenged brother for his lifetime. Mary learned of this and wanted her share. Won’t hold up in court and doubt the others will either. Interesting the left is motivated by behaviors they do themselves. The mirror Quote: “When the left looks in a mirror they blame Trump for what they see.” They were and still are involved with Russia and blamed on Trump. Citizen John Kerry flew to visit Iran officials to let them know (in 2017) Trump will be ousted soon therefore we will be back in control of the presidency. Already the left planned to rig the election for a win. How long has this been going on? Maybe rigging back in 2000 and 2004 or before. In 2020, they did not care and were very open about stealing the election from Trump! Why? To push their socialist agenda. What many of us do not understand is why does the left want to ruin job opportunities for Americans and have our country be poor many other socialist countries? Are they that power hungry and greedy to ruin the US by (as Hillary suggested) SHRED our Constitution (and Bernie suggested to rewrite our beloved Bill of Rights). These documents protect citizens from power hungry and greedy politicians….and the media goes a long with it by omission. Why? Why does the media want to ruin a great country?

    1. Unfortunately your president has done a great job ruining to is country. He is nothing but a spoiled child who has always gotten his way. Doesn’t get his way and looks what happens. So very sad that he was ever elected 2020. People had there priorities all screwed up and looked what happened. We are in the middle of pandemic that should never have been.

    2. I find it incredible that people continue to believe proven false “conspiracy theories” and tales of the imagination. I thought that people were becoming bright enough to learn the difference between false and true. This writer shows that I was wrong. It depresses me so much that people will not learn the truth when they are made aware of it that I wonder if humans are starting to grow tails.

    3. I’m not sure where you get the idea that “socialist countries” ae always poor. Venezuela is poor because of a greedy, dishonest, and venal dictator, not because they are socialist. Would you consider Norway, Sweden or Germany – to name just a few countries – to be poor? I have the feeling your biggest complaint is Universal Health care. Exactly what is your objection to a healthy population? Healthy people are more productive, which means more jobs and more money, which eventually will lead to less poverty. Mind you, the poor will always be with us, but only because unless everybody earns exactly the same amount – and none of us want that – there will always be somebody on the bottom.

  6. It just won’t happen! Name one President that was held accountable for so-called crimes after leaving office? Once out they’ll write a few books and slip quietly into history taking their legacy with them.


    Not enough to send Trump to prison. What he needs is ELECTRIC CHAIR. First president ever to go from the White House to the electric chair. Hope this happens immediately when he leaves this illegally occupied dwelling. The gross voter fraud and manipulation he and his worshipers did to put him there. May they all rot in Hell for ever.

  8. Trump did not blieve in the constitution.He belived in totalatarianism. That is why he had so much admiration of vladmir putin and the leader of North Korea.He demands loyalty from his followers as and he will be their King.

  9. Book of Revelation speaks of these times. We’re getting a taste of “HELL” with these people in office. Crimes has been committed but no one is doing time. I’m sorry, but I have lost respect in our system.
    One day, the younger generation will change America. These old men is done, they have shown there true colors. I have faith in smart young people, they are the future of America. “PROUD BOYS” and other similar organizations will never succeed because we the people are much better and smarter than they are, poor fever sick minded groups. They will self destruct.

  10. Trump needs to find a way to escape all the lawsuits. Maybe he can pardon himself. I can’t for the life of meunderstand the hatred Pelosi in particular has for Trump. At age 80 she needs to make her exit from politics. She is a hateful individual. You know with God’s help Trump will prevail. But the swamp needs to be tormented greatly for the next 4 yrs – tit for tat. Pence as well needs to get his due for being a judas. He could have done for Trump, but I suspect there might be some resentment towards Trump,but I am not sure why. He didn’t really show much capability but for betrayal. What a claim to fame. I don’t think either side will trust him again, so he’s toast politically.

  11. Absolutely agree, Camellia. We can also expect that the Hunter Biden investigation and Joe Biden’s involvement and his lies about not knowing anything about his son’s business dealings or his involvement, will also be swept under the carpet! Joe Biden is already in China’s pocket. Just like the 8 women coming forward about sexual allegations against old Joe…..Tara Reade’s explicit interview on 20/20 about what Biden did to her sexually was not covered by the media. That show aired in Australia…..wonder why? Sleepy Joe is as corrupt as they come only it is covered up by mainstream media, which is funded by the left.
    Kamala Harris is no prize either. Watch clips of her calling for the BLM rioting, looting, and burning of our American cities to continue. Why not bring charges against her?? The Dems have looked the other way for 8 months while cities, businesses, and landmarks were destroyed. Look up articles about the 40 priests accused of sexually molesting young boys. Harris buried the charges when she was Attorney General in California because the Diocese attorneys who were defending those priests, made hefty contributions to her campaign!
    The double standard is nauseating!
    The corruption rampant!
    This country will not be unified until the cover-ups and lies to the American people, are brought to light.

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