10 Things You Need to Know About the Third Stimulus Check Right Now

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Times have been hard if not impossible for countless people and families across the U.S. But the news about the stimulus checks has allowed many individuals to breathe easily for the first time in weeks, if not months. The first wave of payments was sent out by the IRS and the US Treasury on Friday, March 12, meaning that before long, most households should receive a little bit of financial relief.

But, as we’ve seen with previous stimulus payments, there’s a lot more to discuss than when you can expect yours. As changes were made to who qualifies for the payments on top of the amount of money families, individuals and dependents could expect, it’s important for you to know if these new decisions made by the U.S. government may affect you.

Furthermore, changes to citizenship-based eligibility requirements could also impact whether or not certain people will see a check.

Could your family receive more than $1,400? Since the IRS is making payments during this year’s tax season, your taxes will play a role in when you’ll receive your check. That, along with the newest changes, could impact you and your family during these trying times.

So let’s dissect what we know! Click NEXT to find out what you can expect from the third stimulus check.

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  1. Are Real Estate Sales agents, with incomes well below $ 75,000. For many years, entitled to receive the $1,400. Stimulus check. This time?

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