These Are the Laws You Can Break Right Now Due to Coronavirus

The pandemic changed our lives dramatically, and, unfortunately, will never know when it will end. At this point, there’s no cure for COVID-19 and more and more people are being diagnosed worldwide as we speak. Due to these times of uncertainty, several legal regulations have been changed in order to simplify our lives.

To make our lives feel more manageable, let’s take a closer look at the rules you can “break” right now as a result of the coronavirus.

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1. Open container laws

Nowadays, due to the novel coronavirus, people can sip their favorite alcoholic drinks while taking a walk. “It is typically a violation of city and county ordinances to possess open alcohol containers on public property, yet many jurisdictions have relaxed these laws due to economic concerns,” says Kris Parker, Esq.

In order to help small restaurants and bars, some states closed their eyes to alcohol to-go sales. “Strict enforcement of open container laws would force many local companies out of business, and collectively this would have a devastating effect on the local and national economies,” Parker added.

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